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Let RoundTable create your next "Dinner to die for!"

Looking for a fun event or fund raiser....

RoundTable has a repertoire of well written mystery events for all ages.

Using an interesting location? Let us create a custom event using your local town history!

Our scripts are written by veterans of the interactive mystery genre, incorporating opportunities for audience involvement, valid reasons for characters to be present and serving dinner (if required), intelligent humor appropriate for (and honoring) the time period, and many, many other factors.  These theater scripts may be adapted to fit any venue, or customized to fit any theme party or corporate event.

Click here for a list of current shows available!!!

Frequently Asked Question

Why should we want a Murder Mystery, Extraordinary Characters, or Theme Dinner?


Whether you have people coming from all over the country, or all from the same office, our expert improvisation artists will help break the ice, stimulate interaction, and add an unforgettable element of spice, suspense, and fun to your event.

     Our professional actors are experts at audience involvement. A cocktail hour is ideal for the cast to establish relationships with the guests, learning who wants to play and who wants to be left alone. This continues throughout the performance. Much humor is developed from this interaction. We weave in references to the clients� corporate culture, industry jargon, products and personnel, while remaining true to the time and place created.


Frequently Asked Question

What is Mingling, and Why is it Important?


Interaction begins when you walk through the door.  Mingling continues through serving breaks, right up to the final curtain call.   Mingling, or Pre-Show, interaction allows us to identify those members of your group most willing to play along -- dressed for the time period, asking probing questions, quick to laugh.   Some of these group members will be identified during the show -- but never expected to "perform."

During a Mystery Dinner audience members are �find� letters, diaries, or other tangible items.  Many of our shows do not involve murders, but all incorporate the best elements of suspense, mysterious relationships, undisclosed pasts, and uncertain futures.  

In our murder mysteries, all necessary clues to solve each murder are presented. Observant guests sift through red herrings and unexpected plot twists to solve the murder. Opportunity, means, and motive of each character are brought to light through the action. Murderers are always revealed, and meet their deserved fate.


Frequently Asked Question

How many people can you handle?

We customize the event to match your requirements, anywhere from 10 to 3,000.  Consider our atmosphere events for groups over 200.  Our interactive comedies and murder mystery comedies are best for groups from 50 to 250.  Groups smaller than 50 should consider hiring 2 to 3 of our specialty characters.

The more advance notice we have, the more customization we can do to make each murder mystery show uniquely yours, 1 month's notice for each private party or corporate event is optimal.

 Characters from these shows are available for improvisational Extraordinary Guests events!


Frequently Asked Question

Why should we choose RoundTable Productions? 

RoundTable Productions is distinguished by our creativity, professionalism, and integrity. We rely on the superior improvisational skills of our professional performers to fully involve our audiences, without expecting the performers to serve meals (a major difference from many other companies - giving us access to a higher level of performer), creating an atmosphere that responds to the unique personality of each group.  For custom events, we weave information into our script about your event, location, attendees, company, industry, or all of the above.



For information and prices please contact us at:

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108 mayfield dr., lititz, pa 17543

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