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RoundTable offers theme dining events of all types.

From dinner parties with family and friends to large corporate meetings, we can design an event for you, with  interactive characters,  Fire eaters or fortune tellers we can make your dinner something they will never forget.

RoundTable Productions creates customized entertainment with audience participation thru interactive theme dinners for corporate events or private family parties.


No one customizes scripts as RoundTable can - traveling to any venue, blending business, birthday, anniversary, wedding or party themes into our shows and re-scripting to fit your party, venue, or industry is what we do.


Our professional performers, musicians, and writers customize the finest live interactive and improvisation comedy entertainment on the East Coast.


Frequently Asked Question

How do we decide between a Murder Mystery, Extraordinary Guests, or Theme Dinner?

We will work with you to determine which type of event will be best for your attendees before sending a proposal.  Murder mysteries require the most attentiveness on the part of the group.  If talking together is the primary purpose of the gathering, consider our atmosphere events, or theme party characters.

RoundTable Productions is in one word. Unique � Absolutely no one offers the interactive, improv customization we do. We not only work your company or theme into our show, we often re-write the entire plot to fit your event, venue.

        Our pool of talent is not based on inexperienced college students or community theatre actors. Our actors do not serve.   We insist our actors are accomplished professionals with outstanding comedy skills. During a Theme Dinner it�s the non-scripted interaction between our characters, the depth brought to those characters by our actors, the quality of our interplay with the audience, that distinguish our Unique brand of entertainment.


Frequently Asked Question

You might ask � How does a theme dinner work?�

       - Generally this is how a dinner goes:

 RoundTable�s Theme Dinners are course based dinning. As your guests arrive they are greeted by our characters for some mingling and cocktails. Everyone is then seated and the show begins with a short opening which ends with the serving of the first course. Then our characters go out and interact, entertain and improv with your guests. Dinner continues with Spotlight entertainment ( for everyone to enjoy) with the serving of each consecutive course and individual character/guest entertainment( for a few guests at a time) in between courses. This type of show allows for larger groups to have a collected theater experience combined with time to chat and socialize with each other.



Frequently Asked Question

How many people can you handle?

We customize the event to match your requirements, anywhere from 10 to 3,000.  Consider our atmosphere events for groups over 200.  Our interactive comedies and murder mystery comedies are best for groups from 50 to 250.  Groups smaller than 50 should consider hiring 2 to 3 of our specialty characters.


Theme Dinners Now Available


King Arthur�s Feast of Fools

A madcap, medieval m�l�e reminiscent of King Arthur. Wenches will wench, swords will swing and the spell of enchantment will be will be cast.  


Pirates of the Brotherhood

Walk the plank and shiver your timbers when the pirates come ashore. Treasure to be had and cutlasses will clash during the meeting of the brotherhood of pirates. 


Haunting's Halloween

Recently escaped maniac Executioner Ed and his tour of terror will scare up fun for this macabre dinner. Hanging, beheadings, and torture of all kinds will rouse the vampire in all of us. 


Miss Annabel�s Wild West Saloon

A hootenanny of a good time with saloon girls, cowboy fights and whip tricks that rustles up your appetite. Ye-haa!


Delightfully Dickens

Scrooge invites you to a party, but he didn�t invite the Ghosts of Christmas or Tiny Tim. A Merry Victorian Christmas, Dickens style.


Don�t see what you are looking for just ask. Imagination is the gateway to new ideas!


Frequently Asked Question

Why should we choose RoundTable Productions?

RoundTable Productions is distinguished by our creativity, professionalism, and integrity. We rely on the superior improvisational skills of our professional performers to fully involve our audiences, without expecting the performers to serve meals (a major difference from many other companies - giving us access to a higher level of performer), creating an atmosphere that responds to the unique personality of each group.  For custom events, we weave information into our script about your event, location, attendees, company, industry, or all of the above.





For information and prices please contact us at:

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