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The crests of many of the RoundTable Knights


RoundTable Productions is proud to offer this unique and very special medieval armored joust. Step back in time and witness an event fit for kings, queens and commoners alike. The Royal Joust is a special event that accurately captures the feeling of a true historic joust, your guests will witness knights in shinning armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of colorful warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry of the medieval event that has thrilled people�s imagination for five hundred years.

The Royal Joust, presented by Roundtable Productions, is a representation of a jousting tournament of the 1480�s. This show has been rigorously researched and documented for historic content. All ceremony, costumes, and equipment are made to the highest standards for both authenticity and safety. 

Beth (Sir Morgan) lancing ringsPaul (Sir Angus) mastering the listsSir Morgan and Sir Robert parade colorsSir Morgan Recieves her helm from squire BubbaDame Katherine masters the lists side saddle!


 In the late Middle Ages, tournaments where considered the super bowl of their times. The knights who jousted where super stars to the common people, who even then thrilled to the daring exploits of their favorite knight.  Many historic documents where used to create this unique event. The Beauchamp Pageants, a pictorial history of the Earl of Warwick, dates from the late 1400�s. He gives us a treasure trove of pictorial evidence for costumes and equipment.  The English translation of a French medieval text on how to hold a tournament; King Rene�s Tournament Book, gives us the written source for scripting. The rules for the joust are those laid down by Sir John Tiptoft in 1466. All this research and development gives us the unique ability to deliver and historically exciting and accurate event.



What happens at a joust?


First the trumpets sound, announcing the entrance of a herald who will act as MC for the joust. The herald will explain what�s about to happen during the joust.

He will then call forth the knights. In come the knights in procession, each knight is lead in by his lady mounted on a courser. The ladies lead in their knight as a sign that the deeds of the knights are done to honor their ladies. Following the ladies and knights; are the squires who carry the knight�s shield and lance. The knights then parade about the field with flags showing off their own skill and that their destrier, or warhorse.

The knights continue this show of mounted skill with, the Games. Running the ring; using a lance the knight will charge down the field and skewer a ring suspended. Not an easy thing in seventy pounds of armor. He will joust the quintain; a training tool for a jousting knight. It is a shield placed on a spinning arm, when a knight would hit it with their lance the arm would spin. A counter weight is placed opposite the shield; if a knight charged too slowly he would receive a buffet from the counter weight. This is followed by the Battle of Crest & Baton. This is a game of martial skill; where each knight places on his helm a crest, then take in hand a wooden baton. The object is while mounted shatter the crest of your opponent. Our knights take this as the first opportunity to show of their skill at fighting, for it �impresses the ladies well�.

The herald will announce a formal challenge, given by one of the knights. The challenge is in the form of a joust a�outrance, or a joust of war. The herald will lay forth the rules for the joust; what is honorably permitted and what is not. For judgment of this martial debate a lady of the tournament will be chosen from the crowd. This noble lady will act as judge in matters of honor. Chosen by the knight�s ladies, she will be crowned the queen of love and beauty.

The knights will then arm themselves at the ends of the field. They will don their helms and take up their shields and lances.  With a sign from the herald the trumpets sound and the knights and their mounts will charge one another; breaking lances against their opponent. When all lances are broken the knights will take up sword and axe; fighting till one knight is       un-mounted.

Shattering a lance!

  If the Queen of Love and Beauty believes honor is not yet fulfilled, the noble contestants will continue on foot with pole axe and great sword; till one or the other is victorious.  The champion will proceed at the heralds request to mount his destrier, and accept a gift from the Queen of Love and Beauty. Taking his flag he will ride about the field showing honor to the crowd and accepting their applause. The trumpets sound and with a thank you to the Queen of Love and Beauty the herald will conclude The Royal Joust.

Historic armored jousting is a growing in popularity;  offering a unique blend of martial and mounted skill for both rider and mount. Along with the Royal Joust, RoundTable Productions offers a question and answer sessions during your event. This a great opportunity to answer questions, and let your guests young and old experience first hand the knights, horses and equipment used in jousting today.

The Royal Joust is an exciting, educational, and spectacular show that leaves your guests cheering for more; adding to your event and helping your guests to have an experience they will remember.  Our joust shows are as flexible as your event is diverse; with full thirty minute shows to ten minute demos. We can fit a show, to fit your needs, for exciting entertainment.


RoundTable Productions goal is to bring history, horses and people together.

We accomplish this with personal interaction, research and the love of what we do.


Sir Robert and Sir Morgan in the battle of  crest and batton



Jousting & Tournaments Terms

Presentation of Favors: This is an old custom where the knights ride up to the audience to accept favors. The Squires previously have handed them out to certain audience members.


Sir Robert Parades his colors


Rings: Knights race down field trying to spear a ring with a lance; a test of accuracy.

                            A historical prelude to the modern sport of jousting.


Quaintain: The quaintain is piece of historical training equipment for building strength and speed. A shield mounted on a spinning arm usually with a counter weight.

   Sir Angus strikes the quintain!  Sir Angus strikes the quintain!

Lance Passes: Two knights riding at each other with 10 to 14 foot lances.

 Sir Robert and Sir Padrick     

Ground Combat: Dismounted fighting on foot.


Queen of Love and Beauty: A ceremonial honor bestowed on a lady usually picked out of the audience. The Queen can make ruling on the conduct of the knights; both honorable and dishonorable deeds.


Battle of Crest and Baton:  A mounted combat game between knights. Each knight wears a helm with crest mounted on the top. Then with wooden batons the knights will strike at the crest of their opponent until one of the crests is hit and is shattered.

Mounted Combat: Fighting with various weapons while astride a horse     

    Sir Morgan and Sir Robert  Sir Morgan and Sir Robert


The Equine Entertainers of RoundTable Productions


RoundTable strives to better the lives of all animals in our care. In 2001, RoundTable Productions chose to expand our theatrical business by adding equine theater and jousting. After brushing up on our equine riding and care skills we began our search for the perfect horses to join our company. Based in Lancaster county, we have access to a wide variety of breeds and animals. After the long search was underway, it came to our attention that a horse that we had meet 4 years ago was in a terrible state of neglect and had injured himself. After negotiations with the owner, we acquired the first of our horses.  

Fred, Sir Robert's equine partner; Mystery, in training; Guy of Guiesbourne, Dame Katherine's equine partner, Ryan's King, Buba, Duke; Ranger, Sir Morgan's equine partnerRanger, Sir morgan's equine partner

Guy was once a well established thoroughbred racer, but when his first injury took him off the track he was sold to a less then adequate owner who had the best intentions. When he first arrived at RoundTable, on Easter day, he was nearly 200lbs underweight! After allowing him time to adapt to a nutritionally sound diet and start his weight gain, we introduced him to the natural herd. This process, developed by a farm we work closely with, allows a horse to relearn his natural place in the equine world. Many abused and neglected horses seem to lose their natural spirit, allowing them time within the natural herd seem to bring the soundness of a healthy happy spirit back. It is amazing what a game of halter tag can do to heal a broken soul.

Fred is a Belgian/ quarter cross, once used by inexperienced handlers to haul trees from the forest; he had developed sores caused by the poorly padded chains. These sores, left untreated, became life threatening. After a difficult transport from Virginia and long medical treatment, Fred is now our star entertainer.

 Bubba is a Belgian who we saved from a slaughter auction. After one year rehabilitation he started his jousting career the summer of 2002.  At 17 hands he is our gentle giant who is perfect for parades and learning interactions with children. 

As RoundTable became known in the Lancaster area, Wyeth pharmaceuticals contacted us with news of the closing their Antivenin department. 26 draft horses needed homes. These strong and healthy horses needed placement and Wyeth�s only requirements; a safe and healthy home, and no plowing! These horses had worked enough and needed the loving touch of their human companions. Many of these horses had never been trained to ride and some were getting wise in their years. After several months of interviews, all of these animals were given homes including the two we kept here at RoundTable.

Thor and Duke are both full draft and previously of Wyeth�s Antivenin department. Duke is a 18hh Belgian and Thor is a Shire cross.

Both are early in their training but we look forward to their adventure.

Not every horse that we find is suitable for the joust, each horse must find his way, but we continue to bring animals that may not have any other chance to escape the auction market here, to RoundTable. Those who do not find their way to the grand training of the joust are placed within the care of loving and responsible homes, where they can continue to live happily with their human companions.

  Beth (Sir morgan) recieves her helm from her loyal squire Bubba  Becca (Dame Fiona), from paragon jousting, and Robb (Sir Robert) at the Vermont Faire  Johnathan on Guy at a school joust    Mike stands ready for his knight The Queen (Kate Hopkins) Jousts!

For information and prices please contact us at:

[email protected]

108 Mayfield dr., Lititz, pa 17543

(717) 951-8137




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